About Us

Like any other enthusiast, my passion for reptiles started young.  I was about 7 years old when my dad took me to a local pet store where I picked out my very first snake, a yellow rat snake!  My love of snakes took of very quickly and soon I had a small collection of various colubrids as well as a pet normal ball python.


Over time I started to get into larger species with the purchases of reticulated pythons and green and yellow anacondas.  Reticulated pythons had me hooked!  I was, and still am, very excited to work with them.  They are smart and cunning, with vibrant colors and pattern variations, and due to their size and temperament really keep you on your toes!  Anacondas have such an interesting demeanor; it was hard not to get hooked on these giants as well.  Their exotic colors and patterns are fun to explore and the fact that they don’t have to coil back allowed, or forced rather, me to really get to know their moods and actions.


I decided to start breeding and turn my love of snakes into a business shortly after high school.  My first clutch of Albino Tiger to Het. Albino reticulated pythons and green anacondas led me out of my room and into a 1000 square foot facility.  By this time I had acquired more retics, anacondas, and started to look into ball pythons.  Different traits had been coming out of the wild and ball pythons really started to catch my interest with the color and pattern variations that were being produced.  My very first clutch of cinnamon ball pythons was produced and I was addicted to seeing what these animals could do.


Within two years I had grown out of my 1000 square foot facility and decided to break ground on a new 3500 square foot facility.  In 2008 Renick Reptiles Inc. became incorporated as I had already begun to leave my mark on the reptile industry.  Through the evolution of Renick Reptiles Inc I have worked with various other species of snakes and reptiles though now I choose to focus on ball pythons and reticulated pythons.


I now breed reptiles full-time and love every minute of it!  This is an industry of rapid change and growth that we are ever striving to keep up with.  Though we have had our fair share of “firsts” in the reptile industry our main goal is to continue to produce the quality animals we would want to purchase ourselves and offer sound advice so that others may be as successful with the care of their animals as well! 


The Renick Reptiles facility is a 3500 square foot one story building with a walk out basement. There is also an adjoined 500 square foot outbuilding. We take pride in keeping our facility as clean and organized as possible and have taken proper care to assure we are spending maximum time on our animals as well as having enough space to comfortably expand.

The upstairs of the facility is four main rooms. It contains a supply and shipping room, office, bathroom, and houses all of our ball pythons and hatchling snakes in a completely open floor plan. We house our adult and breeder ball pythons in a series of five main sections of racks, two walls of Animal Plastics V-28 qt. 10 high and 11 high racks, a wall of Animal Plastics Iris Boot Box 12 high racks, then a section of ARS 7030 racks, and finally more Animal Plastics V-70 12 high racks! Our hatchlings are housed in two sets of racks. When hatchlings first come out of eggs they are kept in Animal Plastics 6 quart tubs until their first shed when they are then moved to our wall of Animal Plastics V-18 racks. The upstairs is also equipped with one industrial sink in the adult section and one in the hatchling section.

Now we move downstairs! The floor plan of the downstairs is somewhat of a figure eight. We have a section of freezers and storage for bedding and cups. There is also a storage section under the stairs as well as a utility and storage room. Habitat Systems incubators make up the opposite side of the space. All of our adult reticulated pythons and anacondas make up the back wall. For our large constrictors we use mainly Animal Plastics caging as well as another ARS boa rack, so here you will find 4 ft, 6 ft, 7 ft, and 8 ft cages and the ARS rack. We have another section of 4 ft Animal Plastics cages in the middle. The downstairs is equipped with another bathroom and utility sink as well!